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Browser support

@okikio/native is provided as a native ES6 module, which means you may need to transpile it depending on your browser support policy. The library works using <script type="module"> in the following browsers (@okikio/native may support older browsers, but I haven’t tested those browsers):

  • Chrome > 51
  • Edge > 14
  • Firefox > 54

I recommend only using @okikio/native on browsers that support ES6+, the experience on older legacy browsers can be hit or miss, so, it’s better to support only ES6+ browsers.

Polyfills & Bundling

If you install @okikio/native via npm you are most likely going to need rollup or esbuild.

You will need Promise, Object.values, Array.from, Array.prototype.includes, and fetch polyfills for older browsers.

You can use polyfill.io, or another source to create a polyfill. The minimum feature requirement for a polyfill are Promise, and fetch e.g. https://cdn.polyfill.io/v3/polyfill.min.js?features=default,es2015,es2018,Array.prototype.includes,Object.values,Promise,fetch.