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(element: HTMLElement, index: number, total: number, animation: Animation) => ASTRO_ESCAPED_LEFT_CURLY_BRACKET}Function

Occurs when the animation for one of the targets is cancelled, meaning when animating many elements that are cancelled at different times this will run multiple times. The arguments it takes is slightly different from the rest of the animation options.

The animation argument represents the animation for the current element.

Warning: the order of the callback’s arguments are in a different order, with the target element first, and the index second.

// Avoid using fillMode, use this instead to commit style changes
// Do note endDelay delays the onfinish method
    target: ".div",
    opacity: [0, 1],

     * @param element - the current target element
     * @param index - the index of the current target element in  `Animate.prototype.targets`
     * @param total -  the total number of target elements
     * @param animation - the animation of the current target element

    // Note the order of the arguments -- it's different from other properties
    oncacel(element, index, total, animation) ASTRO_ESCAPED_LEFT_CURLY_BRACKET
                index + 1
            } out of ${total}, elements have been cancelled. Animation playback speed is ${animation.playbackRate}, the target elements id attribute is ${element.id}`